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Exquisitely alluring, Coral reefs are living, bustling cities beneath the sea

They nurture and protect countless varieties of marine life, but most importantly, Coral reefs are essential in sustaining life on this planet. A viable ecosystem providing water filtration, shoreline protection and sea life reproduction, reefs support over 4,000 known species of fish and possibly millions of yet undiscovered species.

Human beings throughout the world rely upon the bounty of the sea for their very existence – however, the future of Coral reefs is seriously endangered. Overfishing, pollution and elevated water temperatures have already destroyed nearly one quarter of all coral reefs on earth. It is estimated that, by the year 2050, all reefs could vanish from this planet. The impact of such a loss is almost unimaginable, but there is hope.

Reef Diving

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PEARL Living Reef Memorials provides beautiful, ecologically compatible eternal spheres – personalized “Pearls”, ingeniously designed to enhance, nurture and reinforce the natural environment of Coral reefs. In congregate with the cremated remains of your loved one, your personalized “Pearl” is submerged in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, within a designated underwater memorial garden. There, it will become an integral part of a magnificent perpetual reef – preserving and protecting the health of our ocean… and hence, our planet, now and for the future.

As time goes by, living reef memorial gardens evolve into intrinsic elements within the ocean ecology; beautiful, tranquil places which friends and family members can visit at any time, from any place in the world. Because the location of every reef location is designated by a set GPS coordinates, the site can be reached by boat — and divers are welcomed to visit and explore. In addition, PEARL Living Reef Memorials provides videos of our memorial garden sites which are always accessible online. The videos are updated periodically, to document the evolution of the memorial garden, a wondrous living testament to human life.

Want to visit your memorial reef in the future? We’ll take you there...

Every reef has a set of GPS coordinates, so you can visit whenever you want to.
Pearl Living Reef Memorials also sets up “destination funerals” if you want us to take care of the accommodations, chartered boat, food, and so on. Some families visit the burial location year after year to honor the deceased person.

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