Final Rest, Unending Life … Pearl Living Reef Memorials

Pearl Living Reef Memorials offers an extraordinary type of cremation burial at sea — a joyful and meaningful celebration of life. In becoming an integral part of the essential ocean habitat, a formerly earthbound life acquires a unique position of immortality; forever surrounded by unparalleled beauty — forever nurturing the health and stability of the living reef.

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Bonding Memories Forever Shared


We understand full well how painful and stressful it can be, having to make the final arrangements for a beloved while trying to deal with one’s own grief. We at Pearl take exceptional measures to make the experience as uncomplicated and thorough as possible, assuring the integrity of the process as well as the dignity and success of the final arrangements. Pearl cares for you at this challenging time, providing personal attention to every detail with the sensitivity that you and your loved one deserve.

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In addition to providing a complete Living Reef Memorial, we are most happy to arrange appropriate accommodations for friends and family, including a memorial brunch or dinner, as well as a VIP charter boat for those who wish to observe the lowering of their loved ones into the sea. Each of our reefs is handmade and customized with a variety of options to properly personalize and memorialize your loved one.

In choosing a Pearl Living Reef Memorial you provide a unique and beautiful eternal resting place for your beloved which, in turn, perpetuates rebirth in the sea – ensuring the rejuvenation of marine life for centuries to come — a very powerful and meaningful way to celebrate a life well lived.

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